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Parent's Corner

Benefits of reading to children

Children learn a great deal through mimicking. This includes language and reading skills. Reading aloud to children stimulates and encourages reading.

Experts and studies have consistently concluded that the "single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading aloud to children."

Reading aloud also improves children's listening comprehension. Because children imitate much of what they see and hear, reading aloud can lead to children with large vocabularies, longer attention spans, and fewer difficulties in learning to read on their own.

Here are some tips on how to read aloud to your children:

1. Began reading to your children as soon as possible.
2. Try to set aside at least one "reading aloud" time each day.
3. Start picture books and build to storybooks and novels.
4. Vary the length and subject matter of your reading.
5. Occasionally, read above the children's intellectual level to challenge their minds.
6. While picture books can be enjoyed by all children, if a family has children with more than 2 years of age difference, try to read to them individually for a greater benefit.
7. Read slowly enough for children to build a mental picture as they listen.
8. Lead by example. Make sure your children see you reading for pleasure other than
"reading-aloud" time. Share with them your enthusiasm for what you are reading.

Most of the picture and storybooks in the Asia for Kids collection are suitable for reading aloud to children. While the suitable ages level is noted, you are the best judge of the reading level of your child. If your child is very advanced, feel free to challenge your child's mind.

Happy Reading!

Compiled by the Asia for Kids Editorial Staff

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